We started Ready.Set.Resilient© because getting better never gets old. We work with athletes, leaders, teams, organizations and individual performers of all experiences to optimize performance and achieve results. We believe every interaction is a unique opportunity to improve.

Ready – Confidence gained from the will to prepare.
Set – Our mindset. How we view and approach life, work, and relationships.
Resilient – Mental, emotional and physical toughness to create, commit, compete and grow stronger through adversity.


Leadership: Build Trust. Build Value. Build a Legacy.
Mental Toughness: Hard times don’t last. Hard people do.
Team Dynamics & Culture: The Behaviors that define you.
Goal Setting: Identifying success. Identifying the process.
Personal & Coaching Development: A journey in self improvement.
ABCs of Peak Performance: Be F.A.S.T  & aware of performance derailers.
Self Talk: Talk it. See it. Do it. Winners Don’t Bargain.
Control: Energy Management & Stress Mitigation.
Routines: Creating a life by design v default.
Motivation: Your direction and intensity of effort.

Ben Freakley – Founder

Ben Freakley is the founder of Ready.Set.Resilient© and Head of Mental Performance for the Toronto Blue Jays. For nearly 20 years, Ben has coached individuals, athletes, teams, soldiers, and businesses on the psychology of performance, leadership, team dynamics, and well-being. Along the way, Ben has been an NCAA Division I men’s soccer coach, mental performance coach for special operations forces, and general manager for a sports club with over 1100 members. He is a Certified Mental Performance Coach (CMPC) and member of the Association For Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). Ben holds master’s degrees in Sport Psychology and Sport Management from Georgia Southern University where he was an NCAA Division I athlete. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Sport and Performance Psychology with an emphasis in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

John Lannan

John is a former Major League Baseball player currently working as a mental performance coach for the Toronto Blue Jays. John played professional baseball for 13 years with 5 different organizations (Washington Nationals, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, Colorado Rockies, Kansas City Royals). After retiring from baseball in 2017, he received his Masters of Arts in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. He is also a certified mental performance consultation (CMPC) and member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.  John currently lives in Tampa, FL with his wife and two children.

Rob DiBernardo

After nearly a decade of working the sidelines as an NCAA coach, Rob is currently in his third season serving as a full-time Mental Performance Coach with the Toronto Blue Jays organization in support of players, coaches and staff. Rob earned his undergraduate, masters and doctorate at Boston University, conducting grant-funded research exploring the impact of mindfulness-based interventions with performance populations. Rob is currently pursuing licensure in Clinical Counseling in order to broaden the scope of his practice and stay current with best practices. Rob’s passion is applying both the science and art of coaching toward development, the pursuit of excellence and supporting others in reaching fullest expression of their authentic selves. Rob is a Certified Mental Performance Conultant (CMPC) and member of the Association For Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

He has twins and resides in St. Louis with his wife of 11 years.

Matthew Galvez

Matthew Galvez is currently a mental performance coach with the Toronto Blue Jays where he works with both English and Spanish speaking players to improve their mental toughness. During Matthew’s time at the University of Denver, he worked with both individuals and teams in a variety of sports including soccer, hockey, gymnastics, baseball, and downhill mountain biking. Matthew also worked as a Behavioral Health Counselor at Denver’s Eating Recovery Center with patients of all ages struggling with eating disorders and their comorbidities.


Topics covered

We engage our clients through discussion that explores optimal traits, behaviors and styles which leaders can use to ignite growth and empower those they serve. We help leaders clarify goals, values and vision for themselves and those they lead.  Through this process we help them deliver results. Our action plans are situation specific to the leader and the environment in which they lead. Weather you lead yourself, a group, a team or a company, your vision, values and behaviors impact those around you. Are you ready to become that force multiplier that makes everyone around them better?

A healthy relationship between pressure and performance takes training. Turning that training into a skill, like anything else, takes deliberate practice. Being “in the moment” can be defining or debilitating. Through the use of mental skills training we utilize processes that fit the unique needs of the individual. We employ proven commitment, confidence, concentration, control and consistency strategies to generate coherence with physical and mental states. This means you think and feel “ready to go.” From fighters to physicians and all performers in between, our mental skills consulting is that extra edge that can move you from good to great.

Bringing talented people together and empowering them to use their abilities to achieve results happens by design not default. Great team dynamics like commitment, shared vision, culture and leaders worth following is a process. We dive deep into the roles, relationships, routines and expectations that make teams and organizations special. Our work includes exploration and discussion of key concepts of winning teams as well as culture killers. The difference between a group and team is a common goal. We’re here to help you in your journey from group to team.

 We as coaches pride ourselves on being detail oriented and strive to address the four pillars of the game with our players: technical, tactical, physical, and mental. After experiencing Ben’s sessions I am determined to provide more for the players I coach in regards to the mental aspect of the game and Ready. Set. Resilient is precisely the program to facilitate this objective. Ben’s ability to connect with players and have empathy for the situations that they may be facing both on the field and off the field is unmatched. I’m convinced his mental coaching provides a competitive advantage for teams that utilize his services.
– Troy Lesene, Assistant Coach, Charlotte Indépendance (USL)

“Ben Freakley fills the room with energy and our student athletes immediately fed off his enthusiasm. Our players were engaged and focused during his presentation. Our objective prior to meeting with Ben, was to start to build a more cohesive team unit. Our players left his session with a better understanding of each other and a greater appreciation of the team’s collective talent. We would welcome Ben’s involvement in the future and feel his expertise was of great value to our program.”

– Eric Faulconer, Head Coach, Armstrong Women’s Soccer

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    “Having Ben by my side off the field was the greatest gift I have ever been blessed with. Learning to cope in stressful situations with a positive and process oriented mindset has helped me not only in athletics but in my everyday life as well.”

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